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Accelerate innovation and unlock the power of distributed ledger technology solutions for your business.
Digital Notary

Make digital transactions faster, better, and more reliable

Digital Identity

Adopt a distributed approach to foster trust and enhance data privacy

Smart Contract

Redefine the way agreements are facilitated, verified, and executed

Blockchain for industries

Explore, experiment with, and implement industry specific blockchain applications

Ideate. Create. Innovate.

Explore how Blockchain technology can transform your industry and lead the wave of disruption by undertaking a Proof of Concept project. With Syncrasy Technologies, you can effectively share the vision of new blockchain solutions with all stakeholders to garner constructive feedback and create appetite for change. We enable companies to bring ideas to life and accelerate value creation by providing technical infrastructure and expertise required to minimize costs and maximize the ROI of Blockchain PoC projects.

Discover What Blockchain can Do for You

Enable enterprise wide adoption, integration, and realization of Blockchain technology.

Ensure Authenticity and Ownership of Digital Content

Eliminate the risk of fraud and make notarization hassle free.

Simplify Identification to Enhance Customer Experiences

Transform digital identity management to improve privacy protection.

Provide Real-time Visibility at Every Step of a Supply Chain

Track products from the factory floor to the store shelves using smart contracts.
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